DK Past Speaker Update Series – Marcela Olivera

Our Past DK Speaker Update series highlights the most recent and upcoming works of speakers DK has hosted in the past. Marcela Olivera came to Syracuse University on April 16, 2012 to give her talk “Changing the flow: Organizing Water Movements in Bolivia.” She sent this update with photos of her in Uruguay working with the public water utility Obras Sanitarias del Estado.

Group of people on stairs, some with hard hats

Olivera (far left) with Obras Sanitarias del Estado

During the last couple of years the focus of Marcela Olivera’s work has been promoting public and community partnerships among water utilities in Bolivia, Colombia and Uruguay. This new type of cooperation is based in solidarity and respect and under the premise that knowledge has no owner and that we all hold experience and expertise that can be shared.

She has also been writing. One of the main reflections that have been on her mind, for a few years now, has been the commons, the right to water and the strong tradition of autonomy in her country, Bolivia. Some of those reflections can be found here:

Three people under a OSE logo

Olivera (far right) with Obras Sanitarias del Estado