DK Past Speaker Update Series – Dean Spade

Our Past DK Speaker Update series highlights the most recent and upcoming works of speakers DK has hosted in the past. Dean Spade came to Syracuse University April 1, 2013 to give his talk “Teaching the Politics of Occupation.” He sent this update with this photo with Reina Gossett and CeCe McDonald on the set of their video conversation.

Dean Spade, Cece McDonald, and Reina Gossett

Spade, McDonald and Gossett in conversation

In Fall 2013, Dean Spade co-convened a conference at Columbia Law School called “Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues,” convening activists and scholars to examine how philanthropic control and nonprofitization has narrowed the focus of LGBT politics over the last four decades. Click here to watch the panels.

Dean is currently working with the Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW) on a series of 30 videos that address the themes of the conference, to be released this fall.   Dean has also been collaborating with BCRW and Reina Gossett on some other video projects about criminalization and prison abolition. You can watch Dean’s conversations with Reina Gossett here and Dean and Reina’s conversations with CeCe McDonald here.  To read Dean’s recent writing, go to

Dean Spade is an Associate Professor at Seattle University School of Law. He teaches Administrative Law, Poverty Law, and Law and Social Movements.